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Cheetah Creek

This coalition of cheetah cubs has been welcomed as the newest addition to the land animal side of the park. Cheetah Creek resides across from Lion’s Lair near Lake Chabot. At Cheetah Creek see these majestic female cheetah cubs learn their way into adolescence. If you are lucky, you may see a rare sighting of an animal ambassador in training, 1-year-old male cheetah cub, Kalahari.

As the fastest land animals, these 5 cheetah girls are sure to exhibit their strengths and playful demeanor. Imani, Dakari, Shuri, Duma, and Makena, unlike other big cats, have and will continue to grow into their long legged, slender body.

At the park, you can often see the young cubs lounging in the shade, and or taking in the sun on a warm day. If you observe closely, you can see black tear stripes along their face. These stripes/tear marks start at their eyes and run down to their mouth. It is believed that these marking functions protect their eyes from sun glare, just like you wear sunglasses, or a football player wears eye black on a sunny day! 

All of the cheetahs serve as educational ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild and help bring awareness to the importance of conservation. 

Animal Fact

Near Lion's Lair and Wolf's Den
About Cheetahs

  • Scientific Name: Acinonyx jubatus
  • Adult cheetahs weighs 75 to 140 lbs. They can stand around 30 inches tall and 60-89 in length including their tails. 
    Average speeds from 50 – 80 mph

Fun fact

  • Cheetah’s unique frame allows them to attain their famous supreme speeds.  Adult Cheetahs can reach speeds up to 50-80mph
  • If you are waiting around to hear some roars, those are coming from Lion’s Lair. Cheetahs, unlike other big cats, don’t roar! Cheetah vocalizations include high pitched chirps and barks when communicating. You can also hear cheetahs purr just like your domestic cat you have at home.

Conservation Status

Cheetahs are Vulnerable and considered a protected species. The general cheetah population decreases due to habitat loss and loss of prey.

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