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Cain’s Lion Encounter

Information de l'attraction

Guests will enjoy a close encounter with the lion pride. This tour will take place behind the scenes at the Lion’s Lair where one of the animal care specialists will educate you about the lion’s here at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as well as their wild counterparts. Guest will be able to see the lions up close and may have the opportunity to safely give the lion’s a treat.

This tour will last about 15 minutes and is available Saturdays and Sundays only.

Discover the unique personalities of the park’s lion pride.

Observe closely as the lions walk around, and you will notice that their heels don’t touch the ground. Another behavior you might witness is a soft rumbling or purring sound, which is how the lions communicate contentment.

Interaction time: 2:30pm

Price: $39.99

Capacity: 12 guests

Purchasable in Park Only

Information de l'attraction

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