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Picture of Sugar the Bobcat looking to the side

Bobcat’s Den

Sugar, a North American Bobcat, is named after the Sugar Bowl area of Tahoe where she was born. While most bobcats are very unfriendly and do not like human interaction, Sugar prefers the company of her people. As a young cub in the wild, Sugar began to visit campsites and curled up in camper’s laps, quickly bonding with humans. After being released several times farther and farther out in the wilderness by The Department of Fish and Game, Sugar continued to seek human interaction. Fish and Game officers eventually deemed her non-releasable due to her increasing reliance on humans and placed her with the Animal Care team at Discovery Kingdom. Sugar continues to enjoy interacting with her caretakers daily. 

Animal Fact

Tava's Jungleland
About Bobcats

  • Scientific Name: Lynx Rufus
  • Size: Males can weigh from 14-40 lbs while females can weigh 8.8 – 34 lbs. They are generally 20-50 inches in length. 
  • Speed: up to 30 mph

Fun Fact

  • Bobcats can leap as far as 12 feet
  • Bobcats can run at speeds up to 25 to 30 miles an hour
  • Bobcat is one type of lynx

Conservation Status

The North American Bobcat is considered Least Concern

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