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Six Flags Darien Lake
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Guests With Disabilities


Most of our theaters, attractions, restaurants, shops are accessible to wheelchairs. All of our rides, however, require transfer to a ride or ride device. There are no attractions that allow a wheelchair to be on the ride itself. Transfers must be accomplished by the disabled person or with the assistance of a member of his/ her party. Some ride entrances have narrow queues formed by railings that make wheelchair access difficult. In these situations, special access entrances are available to accommodate the mobility-impaired and other disabilities. These special entrances are generally the ride exit and are identified by a sign with the universal wheelchair symbol. See our Ride Accessibility Guide for full information.

Accessibility Guide


We ask that Guests with some mobility, park in the main parking lot of the Theme Park if the distance from the gate makes it a feasible destination. The park does have limited wheelchair accessible parking by the Main Gate. If the accessible parking area is full at the time of your arrival, members of your party can be dropped off at the Main Gate using the drop off area. When you arrive at the parking lot tollbooths, ask the host or hostess for instructions regarding where to proceed for designated parking.

Guests who are deaf or hearing-impaired and are unable to hear ride safety information communicated over a public address system can request a written copy from the ride operator.


Service animals are welcomed in most locations of the park, however, our rides are not equipped or designed for the accessibility or safety of service animals.


Wheelchairs are available to rent for $15 for a single day and $14 for each additional day (must be consecutive). A license will be taken as deposit. Wheelchairs can be rented at the Main Gate or at the General Store.

Wagons are available to rent for $20 for a single day and $12 for each additional day (must be consecutive). A picture ID of the renter will be taken as deposit.  Wagons can be rented at the Main Gate or at the General Store. 


ECVs are available to rent for $45 for a single day. A license is taken as deposit. ECVs can be rented at the Main Gate, General Store or the Lodge at the Lake. Must be returned at the end of each day for proper charging.


We are sorry but we cannot take reservations for any of the above items and they are available on a first come first serve basis. Wheelchairs, Wagons and ECVs rented from Darien Lake are not permitted outside of the gate for any reason. 

For more information please email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Attraction Accessibility Pass 

If I have a cast, brace on/in a wheelchair do I need doctor’s note since my disability is obviously visible?

Yes. To ensure fairness, the new policy applies equally to all guests with disabilities or other impairments, whether visible or not. All guests with a disability or other qualifying impairment that prevents them from standing in line for an extended period are required to present a valid doctor’s note in order to receive an Attractions Access Pass.

Can I get an Attraction Accessibility Pass if I don't have a doctor's note?

No. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, however to protect the integrity of the system for our guests who cannot wait in lines a doctor's note is now required.

Do I need to bring a doctor’s note every visit I want to receive the Attraction Accessibility Pass?

A doctor’s note will only be required for your next visit. We will make a notation in our system for all future visits.

Why do you now require a doctor's note?

The safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our absolute highest priority. This policy was implemented to better serve guests with disabilities and other impairments and ensure they have equal access to our rides and attractions. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable visit for all our guests while accommodating their wide variety of needs.

What happened to the Equal Access Pass?

The Equal Access Pass program was completely replaced by the Attraction Access Pass program. The new Attraction Access Pass program is part of our continuing effort to ensure that disabled guests have the best possible experience while visiting our park.

Do I need to bring a note with me to each Six Flags park I visit?

No. You only need to present your doctor's note at the first Six Flags park you visit. On your first visit we will notate in your file that you have qualified for the Attraction Access Pass at all Six Flags theme parks.

To obtain an Attraction Access Pass at a different Six Flags park, simply stop by the Ride Information Center (Guest Services) just inside the front gate of the park. Present your photo ID (for children under the age of 16 a student photo ID will be acceptable, or a parent's or guardians ID for children under 12 who do not have a photo ID). We will look up your file in our system and provide you with the Attraction Access Pass.

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