Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY
Italian Food - pizza

Italian Food

Italy’s number one export to America is probably the most universally-loved food item in history—the pizza. There’s no problem that a great slice of pizza can’t fix. With a delicious crispy crust, bubbling cheese, rich tomato sauce, and your choice of fresh toppings, your taste buds will finally get to experience the excitement the rest of your body’s been having all day at the park.

Pull up a chair and dine out Italian-style! Your hosts garlic, oregano, and basil are here to serve you an incredible, hearty meal that every member of the family will love, at a variety of restaurants around the park.

Pile the pepperoni or veggies high on your pizza, or just go for the classic plain cheese. A great balanced meal starts with a fresh, crisp salad and cheesebread. And what was that other dish Italian chefs are so good at? Oh yeah, pasta! Add some spaghetti with marinara or with meatballs accompanied by our fresh out of the oven garlic bread or a crisp fresh salad. And try our flavorful hot Italian beef & Italian sausage because one cannot live on pizza alone!

Dining Pass Accepted
Indoor Seating Available
Has Healthy Dining Options
Meal Vouchers Accepted
Season Drink Bottles Accepted
Stroller Friendly
Alcohol Served
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