Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY


Soar to Cloud 9.

The tallest attraction in the state of New York. Towering high above the park at a staggering, 242-ft. in height, this thrilling brand new swing ride will reign supreme as the region’s new, iconic symbol—beckoning guests of all ages from near and far. The park’s latest attraction, Six Flags SkyScreamer, takes 32 thrill-seekers 24 stories into the air while spinning round and round at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

Guests soar through the clouds with majestic views of the park and surrounding countryside far below. Feel the wind in your hair and hop on Darien Lake's brand new thrilling ride promising to give you the most unique experience in the park! Look out for the Skyscreamer when you're on your way to the park- rumor has it, you can see it from the thruway. To make the attraction even better, by night, Six Flags SkyScreamer’s bold, synchronized illumination patterns will light up the skies. No matter the time of day, enjoy this whirlwind of a ride!

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The weather in Western New York is typically quite mild. Every so often, the area is struck with a storm, but no storm can ever compare to what happened at Darien Lake just the other day.

It was a completely average day at Darien Lake; the water park was bustling with guests, Aaron Radatz was performing a magic show, and Red Hawk was sending brave guests soaring across the sky. All was normal. Around 3 O’clock, the light summer breeze suddenly turned into a strong wind. Just as SkyScreamer was reaching its peak, a lightning bolt came down from the completely clear sky and struck the top of Skyscreamer, electrocuting everyone on the ride. There were no survivors.

A few days later, after the park recovered from the horrific event, we began receiving strange reports from guests that while riding SkyScreamer they felt the air turn ice cold and misty. We ignored these reports as we did not think they were serious. A few hours later a woman was heard screaming and running around the park as if she had gone mad. Security tried to calm her down but she would not stop shouting that she had seen a ghost at the top of SkyScreamer. The eratic woman claimed that the ghost had flown right through her body. Unfortunately, she was not the only guest that had claimed to see ghosts flying around the top of SkyScreamer. It is believed that ghosts are now haunting guests as they spin around the ride.

Now this could all be a myth, but believing isn't always seeing. With Fright Fest quickly approaching the ghosts may want to have some fun and toy with the ride. Keep your eyes peeled, you may experience the ride like you never have before…

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