Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY


Don't Throw a Tantrum!

Take a ride on one of Darien Lakes newest attractions! Tantrum riders will embark on a 98-foot vertical lift at a 90-degree angle – straight up the coaster’s first hill. In a matter of seconds, upon reaching its apex, the train plummets into a 97-degree drop and pretzel inversion.

Reaching speeds of 52 mph, the coaster snakes through the structure over a bunny hop, keeps riders wondering which way is up or down during an Immelman turn, and finishes with a tilted loop. You'll be thrown through a Tantrum as you rip through the clouds on one of the parks newest rides. Hop on to our bright green coaster and soar through the sky. Hold on tight, this speedy coaster is a thrill seekers dream!

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Back in 1939, at the peak of World War ll, Jonas Voigt, arrived from Germany in New York to assist on a top secret nuclear assignment. However, the smell of the chemicals drove him mad and he fled. He ended up in Corfu, New York and began nuclear experiments. His experiments would turn out to be one of the worst nightmares the town has ever experienced.
Eighty years later, the town of Corfu completely lost power and the only source of light came from the full moon. Members of the town came outside to see what had happened. A giant shadow began rising from underground; First came its body and then all eight legs slowly appeared. The shadow of a monstrous tarantula engulfed the town in darkness.
It is believed that the nuclear experiments caused toxic radioactive fumes to seep from the location of the underground laboratory. A little boy’s lost tarantula wandered into the woods and become infected by the dangerous fumes. He caught sight of the bright orange and green tracks of Tantrum and turned the ride into his home.
From this day forward, the hairy monster will awaken to feed. Unfortunately his meal of choice is human flesh. He awaits at the top of the hill to scope out his next meal, YOU. As you plummet down the 97 degree drop, the tarantula spins webs to try to catch a hold of his prey. His fangs dripping with blood, awaiting his next victim.
Strap in and hold on for your life… literally.

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