Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY


On Your Mark. Get Set. Go!

Ever wonder what it would be like to feel the breeze while speeding away on a motorcycle? Motocoaster is the only coaster that launches riders from zero to 40 mph in just three seconds! Choose a color- red, blue, green, or yellow and get ready to experience what its like to cruise the open road on Darien Lake's very own Motocoaster.

Motorcycles are for the tough and the brave so make sure you are ready to catch flight quick. You will wait at the start for the red light to turn green then BAM- you're off and on your way. Feel the breeze through your hair as you zoom through the quickest ride in the park. Time flies by so fast when you’re speeding on Motocoaster that you’ll want to ride it again and again!

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In 1976, Linden, New York, the government had a secretive laboratory. No one in the town knew what it was or what was going on inside. One late evening, an explosion erupted from the laboratory annihilating everything within a 30 mile radius. Trees, animals, houses, and people were all completely wiped out. The explosion was so disruptive the damage was irreversible. However, it created more than just damage. It generated a portal to a parallel universe containing earth’s worst nightmare.

Not many knew this portal existed or where it was located. Riders on the MotoCoaster began to come back with mutated limbs every October causing fear and confusion all around the park.

As your board the ride, everything seems completely normal, but when the ride begins, riders are flung inside the demonic portal. At first, riders notice the sky has turned into flames and smoke. Emerging out of the only light source in the sky comes the Hell Raiser, a demonic monster that terrorizes all that enter the portal. He throws balls contained with unknown substances at riders. Anyone struck will instantly become mutated.

Hold on tight and be ready to dodge the fury of the Hell Raiser, or else you will not come back the same way you arrived.

Monster Coaster
Thrill Ride
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