Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY

Brain Drain

Are You Ready to Drop?

Pulsin’ Propulsion...over 300 feet in 10 seconds! Just imagine... you are 70 feet in the air. Below you is a 300 feet long water slide with a 360 degree loop. When you least expect it- BAM! the floor drops below you and you shoot down the water slide. Now don't just imagine it, do it! Challenge yourself to ride this extreme water slide! Brain Drain is the best water slide for thrill seekers. It is an adventure that will take a quick moment of intense courage!

You will first climb up the tall tower to the tippy-top of the water slide, try not to look down! Then you will wisely choose your slide: pink or green. Next thing you know, the floor will drop below you and you will swoosh down the slide! Finally, you will splash into a refreshing pool. It’s the breathtaking force of the Brain Drain!

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