Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY


It’s Big. It’s Bright. It’s Bold. It's Boomerang.

Backwards or forwards, you won’t know which direction you are going on Boomerang.

A must-ride attraction for any coaster lover, the Boomerang gives riders the ultimate roller coaster experience sending them up, down, and all around!

Hop on and buckle up! After plunging down a drop of nearly 125 feet and circling three loops, you get to do the entire thing over again… but backwards. Staying true to its name, you get thrown around once and then Boomerang right back.

Our loops will have your hair standing up on the top of your head as the coaster flips you upside down again and again! The Boomerang comes equipped with 6 total inversions and two drops in a riveting 90 seconds that will have you bouncing back for more.

A true coaster enthusiast's dream!

*Go Fast Pass accepted here.

Guests love being able to have picnics and take long strolls by our lakes. Every Halloween however, they come back acting a little funny. As time went on, they began to get more aggressive and started breaking things around the park. Weird things kept happening all around. Tables were flipped over, chairs were being thrown, and food stands were burning to the ground. We needed some serious help.

We decided to call an old witch who lived just down the way to see what was going on. Matilda the good witch told us the lake was cursed to cause chaos around the park every October. Anyone who goes within 5 feet of it falls under a deep spell that is meant to disrupt the park and the guests in it. Matilda knew that her evil sister, Esmeralda, wanted to destroy the park because of the horrible way she was treated when it was built. Esmeralda cursed the lake to cause destruction around the park. As the years go by, the curse continues to get worse and much more difficult to reverse.

Matilda knew she needed to help. She cast a spell on one of our favorite rides that spins you around loops and then does it all over again but backwards. This reverse motion relieved people from the curse and was the only way to keep peace throughout the park. Reverse the Curse will keep guests safe from the worst parts of themselves while we try and reverse the curse placed on the lake.

Reverse the Curse
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

48" with adult
54" to ride alone
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