Six Flags Darien Lake
Six Flags Darien Lake
Buffalo, NY

Rolling Thunder

Ride Seven-Stories Into a Thunder Storm.

You can’t control the roll! But who’s afraid of Thunder? Lock yourself into the Rolling Thunder, our giant steel loop towering over the park. Looping upwards of about seven-stories, this ride provides an experience like no other packed with pure adrenaline!

Only the bravest can ride this thrilling 360-degree loop which will rock and roll you back and forth. Then, prepare to be suspended upside down at the top just long enough to catch your breath. Our uniquely designed trains will reverse you mid loop for an unexpected and thrill-packed ride! Rolling Thunder- it’s “one wild” looping thrill ride!

Traveling carnies exist around all over the world. Their most noted and famous attraction is the clown. Friendly and fun, the clown is meant to bring smiles and laughter to children far and wide. Here we have a story of a clown who now terrorizes a coaster at Six Flags Darien Lake.

Sparky the clown worked in a carnival with many attractions and rides. As he got older, kids found other things more appealing than himself. The other carnies made fun of him and would push him around from time to time. On a gloomy fall day, some of the carnies got a bit carried away with their taunts and jokes. They pushed Sparky a little bit too far and he fell and hit his head. The carnies could not believe what they had done and needed to hide the body at once.
They hid Sparky under one of the carnival’s best rides so that no one would ever know what they had done.

Years passed and Darien Lake wanted to purchase the old ride from the now dying carnival. Removing it from its land and rebuilding the coaster, they renamed it Rolling Thunder and the guests loved it. The first October it was there, guests came off the ride covered in blood caused by deep bite marks on their bodies. No one could explain where it came from, but some guests had thought they saw a terrifying clown with razor sharp teeth rise from the tracks every so often. It is believed that the ghost of the Sparky lives within the ride and terrorizes anyone who rides. You will roll and roll while hearing taunting laughs and screams coming from the dead clown.

It’s now Sparky's turn to get back at those who forgot about him. Be careful, that could be you.

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