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YOSEMITE SAM Tugboat Tailspin

Yosemite Sam Tugboat Tailspin

Putting the “Tug” Back in Tugboat!

Yosemite Sam is standing on gushing geyser with his six-shooters in the air! Quick, everybody grab a seat on this tugboat to escape from the flood!

Get ready to board the little tugboat that’s got lots of wacky and not a lot of steady. Hopefully this colorful cartoon ship will stay afloat, but the way things are going, don’t be too sure! It’s a tug boat that not only tugs, it swivels and twists and scoots across the rocky waves. Hang on very tight for this fast-paced wobbly twister, perfect for smaller adventurers who are ready to take on some faster moving rides.

Sam’s little river boat swiftly slides up and down while it spins around, producing a very wobbly and woozy trip. If your little daredevil can handle some slightly rougher currents, they’ll feel like a seasoned deep-sea fisherman after this wild, unpredictable coast over the wild river waves.


Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
42" to ride alone
Location in Park: 
Bugs Bunny National Park
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