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Why So Serious!?

Of all his clever jokes, THE JOKER’s most famous words are still “Ha Ha!” You’ll find them carved into the side of his very own ocean liner, an all-green ship that will swing you to new heights. We’re not sure why anyone would trust THE JOKER when booking a cruise. You know he’s got some secret plan to make this a vacation you’ll never forget.

Don’t be fooled by the calm skies. Where’s that laughter coming from? Once you take your seat on this jokester’s boat, you’ll set sail on waves of excitement.

As the ship starts to rock swiftly up and back to dizzying heights, it feels like the whole boat is getting tossed around on the surf. You’ll swing higher and higher until the vessel is practically vertical. As the ship arcs 180 degrees into the sky, you’ll know the Joker’s tossed you into some serious waves. At a full 66 feet high, you can check out the view of the Studio Backlot, THE JOKER’s home away from home.

But then hold onto your belly laughs because you’re about to experience sheer weightlessness. You’ll hang in the air for a moment, before slamming back down and swinging up the next wave with stomach-tightening momentum — in reverse! You’ll feel the wind race by as you soar even higher. Remember, THE JOKER wants you to laugh, not scream!

This unstoppable velocity would make even the funniest comedian skip the punchline. 

What Our Guests Say

  • "My entire family was able to ride The Joker, Inc. Our kids range in age from 4-13 and each enjoyed the rise multiple times."
    - Gareth S. From O' Fallon
  • ""Very tummy taking," as my 5 year old son would say."
    - Michelle P. From Highland Il.
  • "My brother has a disability, and he only like certain rides. We couldn't get him off the Joker!!"
    - Clara K From St. Louis
  • "The Joker looks harmless, like it is just a big swing. But it is so fun to look across and see your friends freaking out!"
    - Libby A From Chesterfield, Mo
  • "The Joker is a great ride for all ages! It's simple and smooth, but gives you the excitement of a thrill ride as your belly drops when the ride rocks from side to side. My four year old watched it first, and realized if she rode in the middle it would be less intense. She was right! After one ride, my son was ready to raise the intensity, and moved a few seats back."
    - Dana E. From Lake St. Louis, Mo
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
42" to ride alone
Location in Park: 

Studio Backlot

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