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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
Wild One
Wild One
Wild One

The Wild One

Wood is Good. Scratch That… Wood is Great!

You’re not going to believe this, but the massive wooden roller coaster you’re about to ride was built in 1917. You’re about to see why sometimes the classics stick around for a reason. Of course it has been redesigned and lovingly restored many times since then. But now’s your chance to dart around like countless coaster fans before you through history, on this classic, tall wooden structure.

You can’t miss this beautiful, iconic, sprawling piece of wooden architecture on any map of Six Flags. Its ridiculously long form cuts right through the center of the park. At 96 feet tall and zooming over the tracks at 45 miles per hour, this whooshy race over the rails is as classic as it gets.

The time-tested wooden design guarantees maximum airtime on a series of hills. You won’t believe how ultra-smooth the action is through a 450-degree helix. But quality is the number one reason The Wild One has stood the test of time.

The very long layout will give you the sense of a never-ending joyride through space. And when you think about it, given the history of this colossal classic, you’re really traveling through time itself.

Deep below the tracks of The Wild One are the remains of a small town a witch cursed.

She raised her arm and pointed. Shoelaces became snakes. Hair caught fire. Spiders swarmed from pockets. Her flesh began to melt in the growing flames, and her laugh, an insane cackle, rose above the crowd and hovered throughout the night.

It was agreed by all that she was evil and must die. They dragged her to this spot, over 150 years ago, and tied her to a post. Screeching and calling people by name, she laughed and cursed the town, knowing she would never die.

The community lived in fear. She had brought an infestation of grasshoppers, the size of birds, that destroyed crops, devoured livestock and slowly reduced helpless babies in their cribs to bone and gristle. Her love potions turned young girls’ tongues green with rot and she had perfected the use of maggots in many spells.

She cursed them all that October night, as the flames rose higher. Next time, she will show no mercy. The site of her death, where people once laughed and still do, will forever be a place of terror. Especially, in the bewitching season.

Height requirement: Min 48″

By The Numbers

Top Speed
53 mph
10 stories
4000 feet
1 minute, 52 seconds
Dinn Corp
The Wild Witch

Not Open Yet

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Mardi Gras



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