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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
Tower of Doom
Tower of Doom

Voodoo Drop

What Goes Up Must Come Down — at 56 MPH!

Feel like dropping into the Southwest Territory for a little afternoon fun? Well, that depends on your definition of fun—and dropping.

Have a gander at the ridiculously tall tower looming over the neighborhood 140 feet in the sky. If you’ve got the nerve to strap in to the ultra-snug shoulder harness chairs lining the tower, you’re well on your way to earning the respect of the locals. In any case it’s out of your hands now, because you are about to launch straight up all 14 stories. The view from up top is simply spectacular. Try to enjoy it through your quivering stomach and chattering teeth as best you can.

Now you only have one option left, and it’s right below you—you have to get down. And there’s only one way to get down a structure called the “Tower of Doom,” and that’s to free fall. In one thrilling instant, you’re released and bullet all the way back down at an incredible adrenaline-charged 56 miles per hour—so fast you’ll barely have time to scream.

Voodoo Drop hides a mystery so befuddling that some scientists in Washington have gone mad trying to understand it.

Within the workings of this ride lives something so wretched and so elusive, not much more can safely be said. No one knows where it came from. No one knows its demented goal. When it first arrived our best maintenance men tried to expel it. They’re all dead now. Or missing. Or zombified. Or retired.

This wicked invader raids the brain, melting and reconstructing the living tissue, replacing normal cells with the eggs of its evil nature. The eggs hatch immediately, repulsed by the pleasant thoughts and feelings of their host, the hatchlings vomit up their disgusting essence. The foul liquid coats the minds of thrill riders. By the time riders reach the ground, the pain is so intense, the sound so loud, and the ideas so hideous, their original personalities are only vague memories.

Once innocent riders – now possessed – are directed to mingle with unsuspecting friends and others in the crowd to spread their wickedness. We warn our visitors, but evil does as evil pleases.

Height requirement: Min. 48″, max. 76″

By The Numbers

Top Speed
56 mph
14 stories
1 minute
Voodoo Drop

Not Open Yet

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

76" maximum
Location in Park: 

Mardi Gras


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