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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC
The Mind Eraser™
The Mind Eraser™

The Mind Eraser

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Erase. 

You can’t miss this ultra-modern gnarled mass of twisted bright yellow track. Try to wrap your mind around the startling sight of that stunning nest of steel towering in the sky. You’re about to strap into this inverted looping coaster, suspended from the track over your head, with your feet just dangling in the air below you. Try to exhibit some mental control as you climb 115 feet on this tangled track. Actually, your brain isn’t going to be much use to you, so you might as well turn it off and just hang on as you haul up to the top.

Right away you will plummet down a merciless 90-foot curve. Next is the heartline loop — a startling inversion in the shape of a heart. Your brain and stomach will scramble as you flip head over heels, twice, in two seconds, at a pulse-pounding 50 miles per hour. Save some room in your heart for all those extra G’s you’ll be taking.

At a loss for words yet? How would you describe the sensation of flying through a half loop and a half corkscrew and pulsing out at a nearly vertical angle? We call it a “sidewinder.” But don’t worry your poor brain with that, because you’ll need all your focus to get through a seemingly endless pair of 360 degree rolls.

You seriously will have no idea which way is up and which way is down through this section of the track. Now what was it you were thinking?

An enterprising man once made a fortune exploring – and exploiting – the land surrounding the Mind Eraser.

While fighting his way up river, he endured leeches that stuck to him and sucked his blood, slimey snakes as thick as a man’s leg and sickly, whining bats that disturbed his sleep.

Halfway through the forest, the man’s business was abruptly completed when he encountered a tribe that had never imagined there was an outside world. On this very spot, now the coaster’s most terrifying turn, they killed – and ravenously ate – everyone in his group, except the intrepid entrepreneur.

A foul-smelling drink was forced down his throat, while tribal dancers performed their sick rituals all around him. They applied their leeches, called forth the snakes and caused the bats to attack him. Then, his mind was invaded and made diseased by the tribe’s dreaded chief.

Finally released but still trembling, the man returned home as fast as he could. While he was at last asleep in his own bed, the tribal spirits gnawed their way through his brain and out his ears to freedom. To exact their revenge on other “civilized” people, they settled in a grove of trees, not far from here. Ever since the park was built, they’ve terrorized our guests. On coasters and spinners alike, their victims ride in innocence, until it’s time for dinner.
These spirits wait. They invade youthful minds and slowly feast until dawn, satisfied that their primitive mission has been fulfilled.

Height requirement: Min. 52″, max. 76″

By The Numbers

Vekoma International
Year Introduced
Top Speed
50 mph
Track Length
2260 feet
96 seconds
The Mind Eraser

Not Open Yet

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

76" maximum
Location in Park: 

Coyote Creek


Goes Upside Down
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