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Six Flags America
Six Flags America
Baltimore/Washington, DC


A Merry-Go-Round for the Young and Young at Heart.

Giddy up! For generations, the carousel has been one of the most magical and cherished rides for young and old alike. Take a stroll down memory lane to the Chesapeake section of the park, where you’ll find an old timey carousel. The Carousel carries on that very special tradition with colorful saddle horses, all dressed up for a ride through the park. Some horses gently rise up and down, while some stand still for a more stable ride. And as you might have been able to tell by the magical elephants and lions lining the top of the pavilion, horses aren’t the only friends you’ll find on the carousel—there are also rhinos, tigers, and even a llama making the trip! Choose your favorite animal and climb onto this beautiful, slow-moving circular ride.

The old fashioned carnival lights and music will transport you to another time. Share the magic and be a part of history on this beautiful attraction. It’s a must-ride ride for couples falling in love, a child’s first amusement park, or simply friends galloping around with laughs and good times.

Right behind the park — just behind Carousel — is a secret toxic dump.

It’s a place where corrupt businesses dump the toxic waste that they hide from the government.

Domestic and wild animals visit at night feasting on the refuse. The best pickings are found in the crisp nights of autumn.

Snack time changes these animals beyond recognition. They become aggressive and unafraid of humans. Their eyes develop weeping sores that burn, as they stretch a dripping paw toward the sweetest part they can find. Bits of flesh and hair can be seen, caught between their long and flaking claws. Teeth shoot into fangs, while their drooling tongues wipe the slime from their smirking lips.

And, still, they’re hungry.

Hired security patrols the park at night. They’ve reported seeing animals, of some sort, but these crass creatures are so quick and so secretive, who can be sure?

The beasts hunt in packs, trapping their helpless prey in the shadows. They congregate on the edges of the forest behind Carousel, the better to check out the crowd. Brazenly, they attack riders at the depths of this ride’s descent. Then, bellies still not full, they continue their snacking – long after the vile forces of darkness turn into tenuous morning.

Height requirement: Under 36″ must ride with guest 54″

Carousel Toxic Dump

Not Open Yet

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
36" to ride alone
Location in Park: 


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