Terminator X, the ultimate laser battle at La Ronde!

Terminator X is an interactive laser battle inspired by the Terminator blockbuster movies in which two teams are pitted against each other. In addition, both teams have to contend with the booby-trapped SkyNET artificial intelligence battle arena and elite battle squads inspired from blockbuster movie mogul James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic).

The whole thing takes place in a virtual, surreal, and futuristic environment pulsating to the beat of a unique and entrancing soundtrack immersing participants in a video game environment. In Terminator X, “you are the target!”

During this heart-thumping adventure, the combatants are greeted by elite SkyNET soldiers working for Cyberdine Industries and recruited to test new laser weaponry in the battle arena. After the battle, recruits are evaluated by the SkyNET soldiers and given their scores.

Terminator X was created by the President and Chief Executive Officer of Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company (SIEC), Lynton V. Harris, the man behind The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, the star attraction at La Ronde in 2009 with over 125,000 thrilled participants.

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