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vol ultime La Ronde will help park visitors fly with the upcoming arrival of the latest sensation in tower rides, the “Vol Ultime.” Park visitors will have the chance to soar to new heights in one of the 16 twin seats, circling up to 45 metres above the park – as high as a 15-storey building! “Vol Ultime” will offer passengers a breathtaking view of La Ronde, Montreal and the surrounding area. Once at the top, the circle shaped by the 32 passengers at the summit of the tower will stretch nearly 30 metres in diameter with riders flying at almost 60 kilometres/hour.

Designed for thrill-seekers of all ages, “Vol Ultime”, will be located beside Disco Ronde, right behind the Vertigo.

Vol Ultime by the numbers

Height Restrictions : min. 1.12 m (44") with adult
Installation year : Spring 2012
Rotating circle
diameter :
30 m
Maximum speed : 60 km/h
Height : 45 m
Passengers : 32 visitors

1.12 m (44") minimum with adult. 1.22 m (48") minimum to ride alone. Accessible to guests with disabilities.

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