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La Ronde’s phenomenal new steel giant measures over 53 metres (175 feet) in height, making it 13 metres (43 feet) higher than the Monstre and 21 metres (69 feet) higher than the Vampire!

After an initial drop of over 52 metres (171 feet), the intrepid passengers take a 1,231-metre (4,039-foot) route at speeds reaching 110 km/h (68 mph) for over three minutes! Passengers have to be at least 1.37 metres (54 inches) tall to ride the giant. The exhilarating new Goliath has two 36-passenger trains, each with nine cars with a capacity of four people across. To enhance this amazingly smooth and thrilling experience, the wagons open on the sides and the safety device will attach from bottom to top, giving passengers the impression that they are flying far above Sainte-Hélène Island. A significant feature of the unbeatable Goliath is that its expansive twisting track will whisk guests outside the park, to the eastern point of Sainte-Hélène Island, before rushing them back into the park, over a series of quick hills and drops and finally to a smooth ending in the station house, located near Tour de Ville. The Goliath was custom-designed for La Ronde by the famous manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard of Monthey, Switzerland, a company known in the industry for the quality of its thrill-producing rides. Bolliger & Mabillard also designed La Ronde’s popular Vampire ride, installed in 2002. The Goliath cost $18.7 million, the largest investment for a single ride since the park opened in 1967. The giant roller coaster was inaugurated on May 11, 2006. Building this first-ever ride in Canada, took close to 100 specialized workers, 300 pilings, 150 cement foundations, 106 columns, 1,750 m³ (61,800 f3) of cement and 850 anchor bolts.

Goliath by the numbers

Height Restrictions : min. 1.37 m (54")
Installation year : 2006
Manufacturer : Bolliger & Mabillard
Maximum speed : 110 km/h
Track length : 1 231 m
Height : 53,3 m
Number of trains : 2
Colors : The support columns will be blue, the bottom of the rails will be red and the top will be yellow .

1.37 m (54") minimum to ride. Accessible to guests with disabilities.

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