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The perfect way to catch a first glimpse of the park, the Minirail is an elevated train that circles the park, stopping at each of its two entrances.

From the Minirail, it is easy to spot the Monde des Petits, the exit closest to your parking lot, the best restaurant, or the ride that will take your breath away. The Minirail is also a speedy means of crossing La Ronde. Seven trains, each capable of carrying 60 people, travel the length of the rails at 10km/hour for a total time of 15 to 20 minutes. This ride was installed for Expo 67.

Minirail by the numbers

Height Restrictions : min. None, with adult
Installation year : 1967
Manufacturer : Von Roll Habegger

No height minimum with adult. 1.32 m (52") minimum to ride alone. Accessible to guests with disabilities.

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