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This water ride is closed for fall. It will be back next season.

One thing’s for sure – guests boarding Aqua Twist or just watching others ride, are guaranteed to get soaked! This circular attraction is comprised of nine boats that can seat up to six passengers. Just after boarding and before the ride starts, the floor disappears and is entirely covered with water, allowing each boat to flow and rotate. Boats are equipped with six water pistols so passengers can interact with guests aboard the other boats and with bystanders.

A brainchild of the German company Mack, one of the undisputed world leaders in amusement parks for the past 230 years, Aqua Twist is an intermediate ride that will please everyone in the family.
To be admitted alone on the ride, adult passengers should stand at least 1.32 metres (52") tall, while children should stand at least 92 cm (36") tall and be accompanied by an adult.

Aqua Twist, a whirlwind of “wet” fun and excitement that visitors both young and old will discover in the spring of 2013.

Aqua Twist by the numbers

Height Restrictions : min. 92 cm (36") with adult
Installation year : Spring 2013
Manufacturer : Mack
Passengers : 9 boats with 6 passengers
Platform diameter : 20 m
Water amount : 400 m3

92 cm (36") minimum with adult. 1.32 m (52") minimum to ride alone. Accessible to guests with disabilities able to walk without assistance.

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